What are the benefits of drinking CBD Hemp Tea

Will you find any real noticeable benefits from drinking tea made from hemp and how do CBD consumers like to prepare and drink their tea.

CBD oil users and consumers often try a whole range of products when trialling CBD correctly, and rightly so. People get on with things differently from each other and no one size fits all when it comes to the format or method of ingestion. One of the easiest beginner CBD products or add on's to the oil you already take is Tea. It's a super easy and efficient way to ingest the cannabinoids and it is incredibly popular amongst our customers who have found great peace and relaxation from using the tea.

Hemp tea usually consists of dry hemp leaves, containing trace amount of many useful cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc) that may substantially vary depending on plant species. We sell products from various manufactures who all make their teas from hemp and cannabis plants under the legal UK limit for THC. Some of the teas are also made from the flowers or buds of the plant instead of the leaves - products made like this are more expensive, but for good reason as pure flower CBD tea is great to drink and of a higher quality.

But did you know that the majority cannabinoids are not water-soluble. Therefore, in order to maximise the positive benefits of Hemp tea, we recommend adding to Hemp infusion a few spoons of oilbutter or fats like hemp milk, normal milk or oat milk that will help the cannabinoids to dissolve and be ingested with greater bioavailability than if not done this way.

Here are 8 Health benefits of using CBD tea:



1. Alleviates Stress, Anxiety and Depression

2. Promotes Heart Health

3. Reduces Chronic Pain

4. Improves Lung Health

5. Alleviates Bowel Problems

6. Eases Symptoms of Nausea

7. Prevent Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

8. It keeps you Hydrated

  • Nov 19, 2019
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