How long does CBD stay in the body?

Disclaimer: we don’t claim to be medical experts nor do we claim that any of our CBD products will cure illnesses and/or diseases. We simply wish to educate people on the health & wellness benefits that our customers and other CBD users have seen as a result of cannabidiol usage.

Also all of our stocks are legal and meets the regulations of the UK law. All our products contain legal amount or lower content of THC or no THC at all in them. And all our products are independently lab tested as well.

When you are consuming CBD you should consider it as a long term change in your lifestyle.The cannabinoids are used to maintain your internal balance by supporting the Endocannabinoid System. But have you ever wondered what happens if you forget to take your daily dosage of CBD?

Well, this is a question that we ask ourselves all of the time, so we decided to do a little bit of research and see what we could find! 

So for how long does CBD actually stay in your body?

Absorbing CBD:

There are lots of variables that will affect how long CBD stays in the body; one of which is the process of absorption. This can be affected by a whole load of different things, like the method of consumption, the type, and the quality of CBD that you take (does it contain chemicals, heavy metals etc.. or poor method of extraction).

As 70% of our body is completely made up of water, and CBD is found in the for of oil, it is particularly difficult for our body to easily absorb the Cannabinoids. The compounds must go through a couple of processes before they can be fully accepted and interacted with the Endocannabinoid Receptors and this completely depends on the process that the CBD has gone through before it enters your bloodstream. For instance, if you like to consume your CBD through CBD Capsules, the capsules must go through the digestive system which is significantly less effective that taking CBD oil sublingually and the acids in your digestive system might reduce the effect of the CBD. Hence it is considered that consuming CBD sublingually is one of the best and the most effective way to consume CBD as it directly gets absorbed into your bloodstream.

How much & often do you take CBD?

This may be obvious, but the more CBD that you consume, the longer it should remain in your system. It just depends on how quickly your body can get through the dose.

Secondly, as your body gets used to using phytocannabinoids it uses them more effectively. It is why we also suggest to start low and slow if you’re new to CBD. The longer that you use CBD the more you get from it! If you’re an occasional user of CBD it is more likely that it will clear from your system quicker.

So, how long does CBD stay in your system?

Honestly, it is hard to say. All of the factors above can have an impact on the length of time it takes your body to use the CBD. Some estimates suggest that it can take between 2-6 days for your body to use up all of the CBD but that may vary wildly. There is still a lot of research that needs to be done to ensure that we know exactly how long CBD stays in your system.

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  • Sep 02, 2020
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